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Langwasser & Co., CPAs
99 East C Street, Suite 100
Upland, CA
Telephone: 909-931-9080
Fax: 909-981-1761
Email: klangwasser@langwasser.com
Web Site URL: http://www.Langwasser.com

Langwasser & Company, CPAs is a full service CPA firm located in Upland, CA. Our objective is to lead our clients to a prosperous financial future, through committed personalized service. No matter how new or established a company is, or how large or small an individual's needs may be, we have the experience and drive to satisfy every question with an answer and every problem with a solution.

Sample Services Provided:

  • Tax Preparation and Tax Savings Strategies
  • Accounting, Auditing and Financial Statement Preparation
  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Preparation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning

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